Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Glen Eira ‘GO FOR GOLD’ Challenge

Students will receive a Golden Ticket can pick up a golden ticket from school or down load below. Each time you walk, ride or scoot to school or complete a physical activity at home, simply tick one of the boxes on your ticket.

Being active helps keep us fit and healthy so whether you walk, ride or scoot to school, follow along to an online class, walk your dog, kick a ball or visit your local playground, it all counts!

At the end of October, you’ll submit your online entry to go into the draw to win a Fitbit Ace as well as help your school take out the interschool honours!

Details about the ‘Go for Gold’ Challenge;

Download your editable Golden Ticket here: Editable Golden ticket

Terms and conditions:


Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesdays. Our specialist have created an amazing array of activities for your family to choose from. We hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to pick and choose as many as you like. They are designed to enjoy together.


Art Choice 1 

Art Choice 2

Art Choice 3

Art Choice 4

Art Choice 5

Art Choice 6

Daffodil Colouring Sheet (Art Choice 6 Activity)

Art Choice 7

Out of this World (Art Choice 7 Activity)

Art Choice 8

Art Choice 9

Art Choice 10

NEW Art Choice 11


Japanese Choice 1

Japanese Choice 2

Japanese Choice 3

Japanese Choice 4

Japanese Choice 5

Japanese Choice 6

Japanese Choice 7

Japanese Choice 8

Japanese Choice 9

Japanese Choice 10

NEW Japanese Choice 11


Music Choice 1

Music Choice 2

Music Choice 3

Music Choice 4

Music Choice 5

Music Choice 6

Music Choice 7

 Music Choice 8

Music Choice 9

Music Choice 10

NEW Music Choice 11


PE Choice 1

PE Choice 2

PE Choice 3

PE Choice 4

PE Choice 5

PE Choice 6

PE Choice 7

PE Choice 8

PE Challenge P-2

PE Challenge

NEW PE Pumpkin Challenge

NEW PE Choice 9