About Us

Murrumbeena Primary School, with a student population of approximately 540, is located in the City of Glen Eira. Enrolment is drawn from the local residential community of Murrumbeena and surrounding suburbs of Carnegie, East Malvern, Hughesdale and Oakleigh.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Murrumbeena Primary School! We take pride in providing a comprehensive education which values the individual learning needs of all students. At Murrumbeena we place utmost importance in developing each child’s talents in a safe, caring and encouraging learning environment. As our motto, ‘Excellence through Endeavour’, suggests, the importance of trying one’s best and ‘having a go’ is paramount. Every child’s needs are different, and our teaching approaches vary in order to cater for differing learning styles, and to challenge each child at his or her own level.

We have a totally professional and dedicated teaching staff, with specialist teachers in the areas of Physical Education, Information and Communication Technologies, Music, Art and Japanese. Our curriculum covers all aspects of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Our school is an International Baccalaureate World School, authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP). This program is a transdisciplinary inquiry based curriculum, with an international focus, that is relevant, engaging and challenging for all learners. We aim to develop learners who are thinkers, inquirers, communicators, risk takers, open-minded, caring, principled, reflective, knowledgeable and balanced. The curriculum develops essential skills, concepts and attitudes and provides the opportunity for meaningful action.

Excellent resources and facilities support our programs. An indoor heated swimming pool and a large multi-purpose facility enhance our physical education program. New facilities have been provided for The Arts, Information and Communication Technologies and Administration.

Upgraded classrooms feature withdrawal areas for small student groups, teacher workspace, meeting areas and wet areas. Classrooms are grouped wherever possible so that classes of the same level can learn in close physical proximity. With a major use of glass as a construction element, the emphasis is to produce light-filled learning spaces, where children can learn in small groups and still have visual contact with other learners and the teacher. These developments have enabled the facilities to add value to the teaching and learning strategies that we focus on to teach children according to their needs.

A recent development has been the introduction of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKG) for our Grades 3 and 4 students. Classes in the garden and kitchen follow the philosophy of planting, harvesting, preparing and sharing.

We place a strong emphasis on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a tool for learning. All classrooms feature interactive whiteboards, networked computers and digital technologies. Laptops and tablet devices also support our personalised learning program.

At Murrumbeena Primary School we value parental involvement and recognise that learning is an important partnership between home and school.

The staff, the Assistant Principal, and I, along with the School Council, are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the school. We appreciate your interest and involvement.

Mrs Lynne Foster

Assistant Principal’s Message

At Murrumbeena Primary School we believe the love of learning can be nurtured through positive, engaging and supportive experiences. The learning experiences we provide, fosters knowledge, skills, attitudes and creativity that students need to become lifelong learners. Learners who able to adapt to an ever advancing world while maintaining positive health and wellbeing.

We continue to live by a set of attitudes where our students’ social and emotional development and wellbeing is of the utmost importance.

The Primary Years Program focuses on the development of positive attitudes towards people, towards the environment, and towards learning. We want our students to develop:

Appreciation – appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people.

Commitment – being committed to their learning, persevering and showing self-discipline and responsibility

Confidence – feeling confident in their ability as learners, having the courage to take risks, applying what they have learned and making appropriate decisions and choices

Cooperation – cooperating, collaborating and leading or following as the situation demands

Creativity – being creative and imaginative in their thinking and in their approach to problems and dilemmas

Curiosity – being curious about the nature of learning and the world, its people and cultures

Empathy – imaginatively projecting themselves into another’s situation, in order to understand his/her thoughts and reasoning

Enthusiasm – motivated and enjoying learning

Independence – thinking and acting independently, making their own judgements based on reasoned principles and being able to identify when help is needed

Integrity – having integrity and a firm sense of fairness and honesty

Respect – respecting themselves, others and the world around us

Tolerance – feeling sensitivity towards differences and diversity in the world, and being responsive to the needs of others even when those needs are different to our own

One of my major roles is to oversee student wellbeing in partnership with staff, parents and the wider community. Student support is a whole school priority and I am more than willing to assist you with any inquiries or issues you wish to discuss.

Mrs Chellee Plumb
Assistant Principal

School Profile


Murrumbeena Primary School aims to provide exemplary teaching and learning which fosters open minded, resilient and responsible global citizens.

Murrumbeena Primary School, founded in 1917, has a strong basis of tradition and excellence within the school community which covers the areas of Murrumbeena, Carnegie, Hughesdale and East Malvern. Most parents are involved in professional occupations, and they have high expectations for their children’s achievements. The school’s enrolment of approximately 600 students is supported by a neighbourhood boundary. The school’s Student Family Occupation (SFO) is 0.1883. The community is actively involved in all aspects of the school’s program, with parents being positive, valued and vital partners in their child’s education.

The school is authorised as an IBPYP school. The PYP provides a rigorous, innovative and comprehensive curriculum through an inquiry learning philosophy, with a focus on international mindedness and responsible citizenship. The curriculum involves students in six inquiry units per year, which meet the requirements of both the Victorian mandated curriculum and the PYP. The school is organised into teaching teams where teachers plan together to provide for challenging and individualised learning. Classroom programs are supported by specialist teachers in the areas of ICT/Library, Physical Education, Art, Music and Japanese and focus on catering for individual learning styles and abilities. Information and Communications Technologies play an integral role in all class programs. The school has a professional, stable and dedicated staff of forty people, which includes a principal, assistant principal and a well-balanced staff profile of leading teachers and class teachers. There are a number of support staff in administration, technical support, library support, first aide, kitchen and garden, as well as integration aides who work with a small number of children across the school. A canteen operates four days a week, staffed by a part-time school council employee. A school council run Out of School Hours Care program is staffed by a manager and four assistants.

Facilities and resources are of a high standard, including a modern Library/ Information Resource Centre, Visual and Performing Arts rooms, and a learning centre hosting a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.


Murrumbeena Primary School’s main building was built in stages. It began as an annexe of Rosstown School (now Carnegie) in 1903. It operated from the Presbyterian Church Hall, catering for young children within the district. The current site was purchased in 1902 and was completed and occupied in April 1917, by 250 pupils and 5 staff members.

Adjoining properties came onto the market and were purchased by the school in 1920, 1923 and 1924, which extended the grounds. In recent years, the house and land was purchased next door and the current Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden building and classrooms were built in its place.

After parent fundraising, our swimming pool was built in 1929 (which was originally outdoors) and after proceeds from a very successful fete in 1990, the school was able to connect solar heating to the pool. On the 75th anniversary in June of 1992, an ampitheatre was built in the North-West corner of the grounds.

1995 saw major maintenance and changes, which included replacement of the roof, extension of the library, creation of a special learning foyer outside the junior classrooms and interior painting. In 1996 our school hall/gym was built to provide a space for physical education, performances, assemblies and functions and in 1999, our outdoor pool finally became an indoor pool. Air conditioning was installed within the main building in 1999 over the past 20 years, we have continued to upgrade our resources and facilities which include technology such as interactive panels, computers such as laptops and iPads and beautification works within the school grounds, which began in 2017.

A classroom of today


The school values align with the guiding principles of International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP).

At Murrumbeena Primary School, we will uphold the following values-

  • Respect: for others, our environment and ourselves.
  • Responsibility: for our learning, our behaviour and our belongings.
  • Relationships: displaying care, compassion, and cooperation when working and playing with others.
  • Resilience: displaying persistence and courage when embracing challenges and exploring capabilities.

Our Bullying Prevention Strategy

Motto, Mission & Principles


Excellence Through Endeavour


Mission Statement

Murrumbeena Primary School provides exemplary teaching, with rich engaging learning experiences. This fosters an environment where students’ curiosity flourishes. Students learn in partnership with the school to develop self-belief and ownership of their learning. The school provides opportunities for students to be challenged and become life-long learners in a global society.


Guiding Principles

Murrumbeena Primary School as an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) school provides educational programs that foster the philosophy of the Primary Years Programme of the IBO: developing students who are inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed.
Murrumbeena Primary School is committed to the spirit and principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), in particular, that everyone has the right to education. “Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups and further the activities of the communities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.”

Policies, Forms & Documents

This section will include important information about our school including its current and future direction. This will be updated regularly.